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E-Z PC believes pets are a member of the family. We aim to give owners peace of mind whether they are away for the day or on a vacation getaway by providing quality care to your pets. 

Our experienced staff can handle all types of animals, from dogs and cats, to deer and chickens.

E-Z PC is adaptable to your schedule and offers same day services.

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Daily Walks

Don’t worry about your best friend at home when he is on a nice mid-day walk enjoying the fresh air!

Daily and/or Extended House Care

Out of town for awhile or just the day? We make multiple visits to your pet daily. Overnights available!


Can’t make the vet or grooming appointment? Let me take your pet for you!

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Store Run

Running low on food? Litter? Toys? We make frequent weekly store runs to save you time to spend with your furry friend.


A trip to the dog park to burn energy and have fun with friends!

Safe Step

Don’t want to pick up your dogs waste? No problem- I’ll clean it for you! Litter box clean-up available too!

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Don’t see a service you need? Just ask!
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